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Mile 3.14 - Columbia Street - Facing North
West Track East Track
New alignment of the Waterloo Spur for freight movements, 12/6/2015 Old alignment of the Waterloo Spur, 12/6/2015
Photo by - Date around 2000
Mile 2.73 to Mile 3.14 - 1958
Looking north from the former Schweitzer Farm lane at the end of Dearborn Street (now University Avenue) just north of  the present day University Avenue to the Columbia Street crossing. In this picture taken around 1958, Engineering Building 1 at the University of Waterloo in under construction. The white farmhouse built in 1898 is still being used some 60 years (2020) later as the Graduate House. The old Simons Eastern Ltd. plant can be seen on the other side of the tracks. This farm which was now owned by my father, Abram Wiebe, had just been sold to the newly created University of Waterloo. I visited the farm in 1956.
Pictures by Google Earth Pro - 8/2018

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